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Download Windows 7

Microsoft has launched a website that allows users to Download Windows 7 DVD ISO files. The Microsoft Software Recovery website lets customers create Windows 7 installation DVD, create a backup Windows 7 DVD or a bootable USB drive.
Download Windows 7
Download Windows 7 Free Legal Original Authentic Genuine Editions.

Start application faster Swift Internet Explorer with Enhanced Web Connectivity Ease of Network Creation Remote assistance windows 7 is enhanced Complete backup and Recovery Solution, in case you need 3rd party recovery program then try free data recovery software. I have already posted a tutorial to install window 7 from USB Once you create boot able flash drive, Then plugin into computer and boot from USB. Let me know if you hit any issues while installing Microsoft windows 7. Computer ka model kia ha apk? motherboard ka model? Kiu k agr BIOS option support na kray tou USB boot nhi hoskti.

windows 7 ki automatic updates off kro. Go into control panel and click on windows updates. On left side you'll see settings. Choose the option to Never check for updates. Hi Fatima, I bought new laptop run with same windows 7 ultimate, how I can get all my email contact from old pc outlook to new pc? is there any easy way? I got all emails but did not try to get contact yet. Hi guys, my desktop is completely down! The screen went black and it says BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+ALT+DEL to restart” I did a little research and realized that when i first bought it i never did back it up and i dont know where my repair disk went !

It is ok to install windows 7 in your laptop even there is windows 8 installed, It is possible? If possible how to install please tell me. is it a free, or does it never run out? because i currently have vista home premium and i want to upgrade. Omg you are awesome. I've been trying to find an iso that actually works since my computer has been messing up for months and this one does! So thankful for you and this site.

I have a ASUS I3 2nd Gen PC with Windows home basic 64 bit installed by the OEM. there is no recovery partition. I have the system repair disc 1 DVD and system image 4 DVDs as per the manufacturer recommendation for recovering in case of serious errors. Now i have a trouble that, my audio failed and no internet connection via any mode. i tried several rouble shooting methods but failed. The recovery disc says to locate the setup file manually(not finding automatically). you are awesome. Thank you. it worked. This is the only site I get prompt replies which is useful. Thank you. Suraj check your email inbox. Also you can follow this tutorial to install Windows 7 from usb easily.

So i want to install a clean copy of Win7 home basic becoz i have the legit license for that only. But i can't find Win 7 home basic 64 bit any where in net and even in microsoft website. please help me to find this version or suggest something else. Thank you. hello plz help,when I open the usb after doing every thing I got this message:the version of this file is not compatible with this version of the windows u r running!!!! how can I begin the setup so! I have a Dell laptop window 7 i want to install window ultimate, it is possible for me to do that? help me please!!

hi fatima how can i have windows7 from internet and to install through USB from boot menu. i already started it with a dvd windows7 but i see the dvd is destroyed and didnt finished installing. When using Windows 7 USB DVD tool” in step 3, it does not show my USB device, could this be because my device is not supported? I have a SanDisk which are very common. Do you think it has to do with FAT32 vs NTFS. I always format the device in NTFS mode. Please advise, Thanks!

This is first time i want try to install windows7 Operating systemplease help, if you can give me the guide of windows 7 installation guide? Realy your website is very nice and very usefull thank you so much…. i am waiting for your useful reply , thanks again in advance..!!!!!!!!! Yes I hope it can help. Secondly track the program which is impacting your PC. Sometimes running too many application in parallel also slow down. There is nothing wrong in Windows 7. Just a note for mac users you don't need to make the usb bootable disk once the file is on the usb bootcamp will do the rest.

You mean to format the whole system or just the drive on which the windows is installed? If you are talking about just the drive so I've done it but no use. I'm not much related to Linux neither I've used that. Thank you so much. I downloaded and it is running without a problem. It becomes an excellent OS for me. Thumbs UP !!! Thank you so much! Are there updates specifically for Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit? I would like to have them before I download this to my mac. Welcome Ricardo. You can just open the iso file with ultraiso and insert software files. This will not effect windows installation.

IS the other Windows 7 inside VMware player too? If yes you can remove it. Or otherwise if Windows 7 is in PC then you need to freshly install windows 8 again. hi can u help me about the blue screen problem? when i start installing the installation stop in logo. then the blue screen apear. i tried to restart but wont help the problem. hey can u help me to how boot XP Setup through USB…. I created USB setup but it failed through blue screen then I use power-iso for this purpose but the setup shows an error of missing file….

i have downloaded 7 ultimate iso, but it says three days remaining, did i do something wrong?works fine otherwise. I've pc with windows8 installed already. Now, I want to install this windows7 without removing the windows8. How do I do that? Please help. Thanks in advance. The download button for Windows 7 is at the bottom. It is blue download button. Click on that to start your download. You'll find ISO images. Normally on windows IDM can be used. But as you are on Mac so If you have firefox. Install addon Downthemall”.

But lot of people think that windows 8 might be slow due to dashing interface. 😉 So they still prefer 7 on 8. beautiful if trial version is expired , it will be renewd i know how to do,if someone need help in this situation just contact. You need atleast 4 GB USB space. You have two options. Either change folder location of downloads. or run ccleaner to free up some space. Yes you can install it using VirtualBox. But Can you confirm why don't your use Bootcamp for Windows Installation? I already have verified and my windows 7 works on Mac using Bootcamp.

I will got windows7 and I set it successfully on I have lots of problem my problem is my all driver is not properly work that is mobile,usb driver,printer etc. plese plese help me on this give me a solution. The data which you have on secondary drives like D or E will be same. Only Data of C Driver will be deleted. So I suggest you should copy important data from Desktop and C Drive to other drivers. It shows that you didn't create bootable image successfully. there must be some problem in your process of making bootable image. I cant install the trying to copy the files it cant proceed further anymore. I tried several times d same thing occurred.

It depends on your hardware. Windows 7 has most of the generic drivers. But for some models you need to install separately. Yes it can be installed on dell i3 and it will not have any issues in updating. The last question cannot be answered due to terms. This is updated. But more recent updates can be installed after update. Download 8.1 which is more recent. Yes you can burn image and use as installation disk. You can also downgrade. Secondly usb installation is preferred because ir is fast.

Oh. So you only want to play windows games on Mac? There is an alternative for this. Search Wineskin. There is some program which is using this pen drive. You can take this drive to some one else pc and format it in safe mode. Run pc in safe mode and then format it. At which step you are getting this error? I installed this window today on friend's laptop and it works 100% without any issues. I personally tested this window and it is 100% working. probably there is some hardware software conflict in your case. dnt get hesitate i am new to this win 7, so plz suggest me step by step that hw can i overcome this problem.. thanks.

Simply copying to DVD will not work. You need to follow proper steps to make your DVD bootable with Windows. Follow this tutorial. Don't worry you can continue using this. You'll only see notification on desktop. But you can continue using this without problems. You think all people are mad who tested and it worked for them and they commented below? Issue might be at your end. Use some download Manager like IDM to quickly download file and without any corruption.

Drivers are mostly included. But if you get drivers issue after installation then download driverpack solution. It has all drivers. Yes this is trial version but you can continue using this. This will not shutdown. You'll only get notification on startup. But everything will continue work great. You can use Windows Live CDs. Which can be used without Hard Drive Installation. You can search it in site as well.

Your PC might not be compatible with 64 bit. You should install 32 bit version. You can install Intel HD Graphics accelerator on PC to fix graphics issue. Direct upgrade from XP to 7 is not possible. You have to upgrade to vista first. Then upgrade to windows 7. I will suggest you to install XP on your PC because specs are low and windows 7 will have issues on your old PC. Do you have other drive? Like D Drive? Then copy personal data to other drive. If you don't have other drive. Then you can create one. Resize your C Drive. Then create new drive from free space. After that you can install window on C Drive again. Follow this tutorial.

You can update it. Secondly don't just copy the contents. Use proper steps to make your USB bootable. Hi. We only provide official untouched setup of windows. You can search the further required information from Google. Oh Okay. if you are on Linux. Then just burn the ISO to DVD using any img buring software installed in Linix. I think you have not updated all drivers for your machine. Update chipset and graphics drivers as well. Then you'll see all options. There is no official gamer edition. You can install some pre-requisites on existing windows 7 to make it compatible with all games. GetSpool features iOS Jailbreak, Cydia Apps, Theme Reviews, Tweaks, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod news.

I'm sorry but comments are filtered automatically which are against site policies. You can post your query in Facebook Message to our official Page. We only provide official untouched ISO. You should insert your laptop license into window. The notification will disappear. Thanks for reply. Before starting the download they ask for username and password. So please let me know the username as well. If you want to install it on your computer, but you don't have a copy, you can go for an ISO download so you can make a disc installer yourself. This method is very popular among users who have lost or damaged their discs but have kept their license number.

We will soon update you for Win 8 ISO and other version of Win 7. So requesting you to please keep checking this area and post your queries by commenting here. I will reply you soon with satisfactory answer. Driver errors - Driver errors usually arise from IDE and SATA confusion. If you're using a mix of IDE and RAID devices when installing Windows 7 Home Premium, try switching the current setting to AHCI or RAID and then redo the installation.

Once you have the ISO copy, proceed to burn it to a disc. ISO files are disc image files. A good disc burner will know what to do with it, just choose the option of burning an image file. Let the program run its course. After that, the disc it will create is a fully bootable Windows 7 Home Premium installer, working just like the original. You may proceed to installing Windows 7 after creating the disc. However, if there are any errors coming out as you install, you might what to follow the suggestions listed below.

Hard drive errors - Hard drive errors are very common when installing any operating system. To fix this, make sure that all disc partitions are correct and that the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS. Run diagnostics when necessary. If you really enjoy reading this tutorial and found it helpful then you should think to share it with your friends on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and other social media pages.

Below are the direct link from where you can download SP1 ISO for Windows 7 in different languages. Each of that files come with 30 days trial period, So you need to use your original Windows key to activate them. Also file size is more than 2 GB, so it would be better to use some reliable download manager. If you face any errors or problem during downloading or installing Windows 7 on PC or Laptop then you can contact us by commenting here. Please be specific with the error, so that we can quickly give you solution for that. Enter your email address and start receiving cool iOS, Android, Windows, Smartphone and latest technology guide right in your mail-box!

Used Power iso to burn this time, put downloaded iso file into power iso, click and highlight where it says x-1759463 (for windows ultimate, other versions will have another number). E:\sources\ is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. If you are a Windows 7 user and wants to carry out any of these tasks, then you will need to ensure that you have a reliable Internet connection, as well as sufficient available disk space of around 3.5 GB on your Windows computer, USB Drive or any external storage drive.

Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and install it. This tool is designed for. Nvn. sir share a link to download window 8 iso file in 64 bit configration CD/DVD/USB drive. Support all Windows system (32-bit 64-bit). Burn ISO image file to USB flash drive, memory stick and other USB storage devices. Create a. Compatible with Windows 8/7/2008/Vista/XP/2000/2003. Free Download. Some time back, Microsoft offered the Windows Installation Media Creation Tool that allowed Windows 8.1 users create installation media. Now, Microsoft has offered a similar service to Windows 7 users. This site allows you to recover and install Microsoft Windows software purchased through a retailer only.

Enter your product key, select the language from the drop-down menu and click on the Next - Verify Product Key button. You can use the downloaded ISO disc image to create a bootable DVD or USB, using any ISO burning software like for instance, the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. If you are currently using a mobile device and are therefor not ready to download it, you will be sent an email link to download Windows 7 once you have verified your product key. This link will remain alive and valid for 24 hours, during which time, you can download the ISO file. Yes. It is mentioned in the post that This site allows you to recover and install Microsoft Windows software purchased through a retailer only.

Brilliant! Just what I've been looking for, Anand. Thanks a million. Please note that your download link to the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool returns the following error 404 - File or directory not found”. Click in Join the discussion box. The Name box appears, Then click in the name box and the Email and Password boxes appear, along with the I'd rather post as guest checkbox. This lets you post comments on this site itself. Yes, that is what I used a couple weeks ago. But this time, it said the file wasn't a valid ISO file.

I'm just wondering why TWC doesn't recognize my Disqus login. I'm aware of the alternate name & email address boxes, but I suppose posting using this channel won't save the comment in Disqus for easier reference. Well, nevermind … maybe it would resolve itself. Besides the WIn 7 Retail DVD (Home Premium: green packaging, Professional:blue packaging), note that commercial retailers also directly sell the Win 7 OEM DVD (orange packaging) at a cheaper price to home users.

omg thanks for the info ! in france, resellers have to sell a copy of windows even if this is pre-installed, this is a law fact ! but in reality resellers never do it ! grrr as you say, we look like not legitimate users by microsoft ! that's a shame ! I finally got it to work but it seems my key is for the signature edition is Finnish.. I'm US and got it for testing 7 back then. Not sure what the deal is with it. but it would tell me that my key was not available with the language I selected, English. All I can figure is they sent me a Finnish copy of the OS although it makes little sense considering I am in the US and all my Microsoft stuff is US. Log-ins, tech account and such.

It would appear that there are some problems from the site as I found out today from a poster on my help thread at the Microsoft community site. I found and confirmed that there is a good U.S. copy of the iso on another site that can be used. It is a clean win7ult. It doesn't seem to work. I enter my key and it is verifinig it and than goes right back to the page where I typed the key. I tried random key and it sais it's wrong. I had a similar experience, as the site tells me my license key is associated with the Korean-language version of Windows 7. I'm baffled as to why, as all my Microsoft software is in English.

There is a problem with the recovery site and the languages are scrambled for some reason. They are aware of the problem and should have it sorted before to long. As for the build you will get, it will be the latest SP build and the site is only for stand alone versions and not oem. So if it's just a label on a pc you will not be able to get an ISO. To secure an oem version you will need to contact the manufacturer. Apparently this problem has existed for at least a month and MS is neither acknowledging the issue nor doing anything about it. They won't help you get the image you need either.

At this point my only options seemed to be: 1) see if I could buy a disk from the refurbisher; 2) see if I could buy a disk from Dell. Either of these options would entail another week wait before I could use the system. I thought, aha, I have a Windows 7 HP disk; I'll copy it, delete the file and burn it to a DVD. That wouldn't boot the system, either. A while ago I had similar problems downloading a Win 7 x64 HP so downloaded the Pro version and removed the eicfg which did the job for me, but was before the Media Refresh editions were released - of which I haven't had any problems with.

I searched and found one other person on another forum who reported this problem. Surely, we are not the only ones. What is going on with the Windows software? Why is the 3.09gb iso file only 2.619gb when downloaded, and non-bootable? It looks like someone is deliberately causing the iso file downloads to interrupt and corrupt so they cannot be used to reinstall the OS. The Windows USB/DVD Tool said it wasn't a valid ISO. Will d/l Win 7 Ultimate as soon as I find a decent download manager.

I'm downloading X17-59186 now but as the download takes ~1hr 20mins on mine, I'll let you know how I get on later and I always use the Windows USB/DVD Tool to create the bootable ISOs. That is exactly what is happening to me. I am going to try with a download manager if I can find one that isn't full of adware. I used Windows 8 Disc Image Burner to burn the DVDs a couple weeks ago. This time, I used that and also tried Cyberlink Media Suite 10. I'm going to try Rufus with a USB stick next time if I can get the ISO to download. Yes and when it didn't boot, I restarted and entered setup and made sure the ODD was first in boot order.

As notebooks, netbooks and slates get thinner, smaller, and more power-conscious, optical drives that can read and write to a bootable DVD have now become a peripheral device rather than a built-in. This makes it difficult to install software from a DVD for devices that do not have an optical drive, and even more problematic when you want to wipe the device and install a new OS. For these devices, installing software that you download as a compressediso file from a SD card or USB flash memory device is fast and cheap and a great alternative to buying an external optical reader. This is particularly useful to developers since most (if not all) of the software available via MSDN and DreamSpark is only available for download in theiso format.

So assuming each logical block of the image is 2048 bytes large, one could also assume the last logical block is -2048 from the end of the file, right? Well, that's what the tool assumes. It checks for the last AVDP at the start of the last logical block, doesn't find it, and bombs out. it gives me error that '' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Update: Windows 8 will now mount anISO file directly by right mouse clicking on the file, and then clicking "mount". You can then run the setup file directly from the OS without "burning" theiso to a DVD or USB memory device. Win! By clicking "Create Account" you are indicating that you have read and agree to the Terms of service.

Looks like either the utility or some other part of the process has changed. Since I didn't invent the utility, I can't "fix" it or comment on why it doesn't work. The good news is that Windows 8 at least lets you mount iso files directly, and you can run most installs now from the OS, including upgrades. Worked like a charm here, on a heavy modifiediso of windows vista business with sp2 and a 8gb corsair usb drive. The process of grabbing an ISO is very straightforward, but you will need to have your product key to hand. So if you can't find the documentation that came with your disc (and can't find the disc itself) and your Windows installation is so screwed up you can't get the product key from there, you're in trouble.

If Windows is working you can find out the key by using NirSoft's ProduKey Just run it and the details will be displayed in the program window (along with keys for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office if installed). Right-click the entry to copy the key. These are very high speed downloads which should take anywhere from 30 minutes to about 50 minutes, if you have a high-speed broadband connection.

Once you have the details to hand, go to the Software Recovery Center and enter the key into the Product Key box. Select your product language and click the button to Verify Product Key. When the key has been validated you'll be able to download the Windows 7 ISO and burn it to disc or a USB flash drive. Enter the email associated with your account and we will send you your username and a temporary password.

For those of you who don't have access to MSDN - the ultimate repository of all Microsoft software - the Digital River links are a godsend. If you need to download a genuine copy of Windows 7 SP1, these should be your first choice. Relying on torrents or other download sites is fraught with potential peril. These are the real McCoy. Note well: Installing the downloaded bits will give you a trial version of Win7 SP1 that can only run for 30 days. After that time, you need a valid key to keep using it. However, my original sticky thread was done two days ago and this is THE EXACT same format I used then.

If you already have a valid key and are downloading the ISO to re-install a fresh copy of Windows, make sure you match the version of Windows that you download with the version of Windows covered by the key; a Win7 Pro key will only work on Win7 Pro, for example. Keys that are valid on the original version of Win7 are also valid on SP1. Woody Leonhard writes computer books, primarily about Windows and Office; he's currently working on the Win 10 follow-up to the thousand-page " Windows 8.1 All-in-One for Dummies" A self-described "Windows victim," Woody specializes in telling the truth about Windows in a way that won't put you to sleep.

TO: Bugmenot and TM, I originally did this two days ago. Bugmenot did not notice that and reposted essentially the same thing only though linking to another website. Your computer will work with SP1, just use the latest install disks and you'll be fine. Yes, there are some users out there that have had issues installing SP1 separately. I know of no one, myself included that have had any problem doing a fresh install with the SP1 integrated disc. It takes just 2 minutes to sign up (and it's free!). Just click the sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum.

When you burn it, if you only get a single file on the DVD then it was not burned properly; it must be treated as an image and then when it is burned you will get many files & folders on a bootable DVD. I was able to make a bootable USB stick and installed Win7 that way. It seems to be working fine so will test it for a few days. Have spent more time with Linux than Windows so this is quite new to me. Hello and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums, a community where users can discuss anything related to the this Microsoft operating system. Microsoft released Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) in February 2011. Now, Microsoft has made available Windows 7 ISO images integrated with SP1.

Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. You'll be able to ask questions and get support for Windows 7 or chat with the community and help others. Clearly, Microsoft's decision to resume Windows 7 ISO download option is to be appreciated. The company said that it will be offering extended Windows 7 tech support till 2020. You can later very easily be convert the ISO image into a universal Windows 7 editions installation media.

Tech Support Pro is an independent service provider or remote tech support. Third party trademarks, brand names, products and services is only referential and Tech Support Pro hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third party. Note: The download links marked as x86 represents Windows 7 SP1 32-bit and the x64 links are for Windows 7 SP1 64-bit edition. All the links below are for English (USA) language.

Note:- if you want to install other Editions of Windows 7, instead of Windows 7 Home Basic, then u have to use Windows 7 Loader, to activate Windows 7. However, there seems to be an issue with the WIndows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit download. I've burned it into a CD twice and upon booting I get a BSOD. I have also redownloaded the ISO twice and I still get a BSOD when booting from a DVD. When booting from a USB drive, I get a message stating that is missing or corrupt. DVD or USB, different computers, it makes no difference. Something is wrong with these links. I downloaded the pre-SP1 ISO's with no problem at all.

I have tried this process on multiple computers and get the same issue. Can somebody confirm whether the Ultimate 32-bit ISO is corrupted or working properly? Meanwhile I will try downloading another edition. I am still having issues. I tried downloading the 32-bit Professional this time, and I was actually able to boot the disc. But when the Installer got to ~30% of Expanding Files” I received an error message that Windows cannot copy the files. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive weekly notifications of posts by email.

Thanks, very much to your team, who provided me Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 iso image. Meanwhile, I were looking for iso image. But , once again, I would like to thanks to your team, who supported & helped to get OS. Meanwhile, I would request you to provide RHEL 6.4 iso image & Windows server 2012 R2 iso image. If it is possible to provide links. The ability to download Windows 7 ISOs is a godsend for anyone who wants a clean Windows installation for their computer. It is also handy if we misplaced / lost / destroyed our original disk.

When we buy a copy of Windows 7 , we don't get a unique installation DVD. Every DVD of a particular version - e.g. Windows 7 Home Premium x64 - is identical to all the others. What we buy is the unique 25-character product key. We will find it as a sticker on the retail Windows 7 DVD case. Or, with pre-installed Windows, stuck under underneath our laptop and on the side of the PC tower. If we don't enter a product key during the installation, Windows will work as a trial for thirty days.


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